The extensive list of proven health benefits applies only to real extra virgin olive oil:

"a lower incidence for stroke with higher olive oil use was observed" - Neurology

"olive oil use was associated with lower stroke risk"

Genetic basis for health benefits of the 'Mediterranean diet'-

"Eating a diet rich in the phenolic components of virgin olive oil represses several pro-inflammatory genes."

How olive oil helps 'switch off' genes which lead to conditions including heart disease and arthritis - The Daily Mail

"Olive oil's health-giving benefits stem from its ability to help 'switch off ' genes that inflame conditions ranging from heart disease to arthritis"

How genes influence obesity, senility – and the effects of olive oil - The Independent

"virgin olive oil can actually influence certain genes involved in triggering inflammatory processes of the immune system."

Spanish scientists confirm extra virgin olive oil helps to combat breast cancer -

Researchers of the Catalonian Institute of Oncology (Spain) and the University of Granada (Spain) have discovered that extra virgin olive oil may help to combat breast cancer

Extra Virgin Olive Oil May Help To Combat Breast Cancer - Science Daily

UGR News Researchers of the Catalonian Institute of Oncology (Spain) and the University of Granada (Spain) have discovered that extra virgin olive oil may help to combat breast cancer 

The Unsaponifiable Fraction of Virgin Olive Oil in Chylomicrons from Men Improves the Balance between Vasoprotective and Prothrombotic Factors Released by Endothelial Cells - The Journal of Nutrition

"Minor components of virgin olive oil (VOO) may play a key role in the beneficial effects of VOO on atherosclerosis."

Olive oil acts like painkiller - Daily Mail

"Olive oil has more uses than just inside the kitchen, scientists have revealed. The oil contains a natural chemical which acts like the anti-inflammatory pain killer ibuprofen."

Oleic Acid Key to Olive Oil's Anti-Cancer Effect -

"We are able to demonstrate that the main component of olive oil, oleic acid, is able to down-regulate the most important oncogene in breast cancer," Menendez explained. ......."The most important source of oleic acid is olive oil."

Scientific Evidence for Olive Oil - European Olive Oil Medical Information Library

".... recent analyses suggest that actually olive oil may have a protective effect against cancer at different sites, particularly breast cancer, which will be discussed in detail below."

Olive Oil Helps Prevent Colon Cancer -

"Rats fed a diet supplemented with olive oil had a lower risk of colon cancer than those fed diets supplemented with safflower oil"

Virgin olive oil blocks cancer cells in lab - International Journal of Cancer

"A mixture of compounds called phenols, extracted from virgin olive oil, inhibits the process by which colon cells become cancerous, according to lab experiments"

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Reduces Need for Blood Pressure Medication -

"People on high blood pressure medications may be able to reduce the amount of medicine they take if they substitute extra-virgin olive oil for other types of fats in their diet"

Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet: Implications for Health in Europe - Int. Task Force for Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease

"The beneficial health effects of olive oil are due to both its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and its high content of antioxidative substances."

Baste yourself in extra virgin olive oil - - Dr. Dean

"I've heard of people applying olive oil to their skin after sunbathing and a new study from Japan says the treatment may be effective in providing extra protection against skin cancer. However, it takes extra virgin olive oil to prevent skin damage from ultraviolet (UV) radiation in experiments with mice, according to an article in New Scientist."

FDA: "Olive oil may fight heart disease" -

"The monounsaturated fat in olive oil may reduce the chances of suffering coronary heart disease, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday"

Just clip and save these life-saving basics: the 10 most important research findings - USAWeekend

"New research even finds that diets rich in olive oil help prevent wrinkles: Best: extra virgin"

Olive oil's heart effect identified - UPI

"Spanish scientists say they have located the micronutrients in olive oil that make it a good heart protector."

How you can take brain health to heart - Alzheimer’s Association

"Studies have shown that high intake of saturated fat and cholesterol clogs the arteries and is associated with higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Use mono- and polyunsaturated fats, such as olive oil, for example."

Olive Oil Could Help Fight Colon Cancer  - University of Ulster

"they identify mechanisms that support the scientific and medical evidence suggesting an association between olive oil consumption and decreased risk of cancer."

Olive oil 'wards off skin cancer' - BBC

"Scientists now say an application of virgin olive oil after sunbathing may protect against skin cancer."

Olive Oil Seems To Protect Against Bowel Cancer - Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

"Olive oil, on the other hand, seems to reduce the amount of bile acid produced and to increase DAO levels."

Northwestern Study Shows Why Olive Oil Protects Against Breast Cancer - Northwestern University

"Oleic acid, the main monounsaturated fatty acid contained in olive oil, can cripple a cancer gene that is responsible for 25 to 30 percent of all breast cancers"

Olive Oil Reduces the Need for Blood Pressure Drugs -

"An Italian study now suggests that it may lower blood pressure."

Blood vessels appear healthier after people consume olive oil high in phenolic compounds - American College of Cardiology

"Phenolic compounds in olive oil, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting properties, may explain cardiovascular health benefits"

Eat your wrinkles away -

"A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and unsaturated fats may prevent wrinkles by boosting the skin's natural defenses against sun damage"


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